Not only must a fire door be manufactured in a particular way, but it also needs to be installed correctly in order to function as intended and provide that crucial level of protection. The purpose of a fire door job is to prevent smoke and flames from escaping through any gaps or cracks in the door, frame, seal, or glass.
Fire door installation in homes, businesses, and public spaces should only be performed by skilled installers.
Anyone can install fire doors, but that doesn’t mean they have to. Installers of fire doors do not have to have any formal qualifications or accreditations.

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    Why is a certification necessary to install a fire door?

    The installation of fire doors entails a significant amount of responsibility and a risk to life. In the event of a fire, any errors made during installation could have devastating effects.
    For fire door installation, there are numerous accreditations that can be useful for staying current on changes and ensuring adequate installation skills.
    Customers are reassured that the installers are competent when they choose a company that is a member of an accredited installers scheme. But more importantly, this ensures that the doorset is as safe as it ought to be and will provide the necessary protection for the people living in that building as well as the property itself in the event of a fire.

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    So, why should Fire Doors be inspected also by professionals?

    The fire risk assessment includes the condition of fire doors and their components. Building owners who don’t follow the rules could be prosecuted, fined, or even put behind bars. Even for seemingly insignificant offenses like failing to install fire seals or closers or wedging a fire door open, recent prosecutions have been severe. Let us take you through the certifications you need to attain in order to be a professional Fire Door inspector.

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    What is a FDIS certification?

    The BWF-CERTIFIRE Scheme and the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers, the two leading authorities on fire doors and their components, deliver the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS).
    For building owners who require a competent and in-depth survey and report on the state of the fire doors on their premises, FDIS Inspectors offer a professional service.
    The work is done by professionals with certificates who have gone through training and had their competence independently evaluated. Owners and managers of buildings can rest assured that the premise’s fire doors

    • Clients receive a written report from FDIS Inspectors detailing each firedoor’s condition and functionality. Online, the report is protected.
    • The designated Responsible Person may use the report in accordance with regulatory requirements for the building’s fire risk assessment.
    • The report identifies any remedial work requirements.
    • Each fire door has a label that tells when an inspection was done. This shows the building’s users that the doors have been professionally inspected.

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    The following key areas are the focus of the FDIS Diploma:

    The base course

    teaches a fundamental understanding of fire doors and their components, including testing and certification, standards and regulations, and maintenance and inspection.

    Doors and frames for wood fires

    examines in greater depth the construction, installation, and functional performance of timber fire and escape door sets.

    Doors for metal fires

    explains the differences between steel and timber doors, as well as how they are tested, glazed, installed, and maintained.


    explains in detail the various types of fire-resistant glass, glazed apertures, glazing retention systems, and beading, as well as the significance of doing so correctly.


    explains in great detail how smoke, acoustic, and intumescent seals work, as well as how to identify and install them.

    Signage and ironmongery (Part 1)

    Explains why each type of hardware is important, how to check that it works properly, how to install it, and when it should be replaced.

    Signage and ironmongery (Part 2)

    Includes requirements for panic escape mechanisms, essential and non-essential ironmongery, and fire door signage.

    Phase change module

    Only those who hold a diploma and want to become FDIS Certificated Inspectors.

    With an FDIS Diploma, you are well-positioned to raise fire door standards at your workplace and increase the safety of building users. The Diploma will help you better communicate with your customers if you are involved in the sale of fire doors or the essential parts that go into them.
    You can choose to continue your online learning and professional development after earning your FDIS Diploma by passing the Inspector Transition module and a third-party onsite assessment with the goal of becoming an approved FDIS Inspector.

    How do I become a Fire Door Inspector?

    You can apply to become an FDIS Certificated Fire Door Inspector only if you have completed the Diploma in Fire Doors and passed the final exam.

    The goal of these training courses is to make fire door safety as simple, thorough, and free of jargon as possible. Upon completing these fire door training courses, you can be hired as a professional fire door inspector. So, what are you waiting for? Get started TODAY!

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