TEK Interiors Ltd conducts thorough fire door inspections that allows us to meticulously examine your doors.

This allows us to establish if there any altercations or improvements that need to be made. All our work is undertaken to ensure that your fire doors comply with the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform order 2005.

fire_door_inspections Image
fire_door_inspections Image

With fire door’s level of usage varying from building to building, this will contribute to the regularity of your properties inspections.

The amount of traffic that the doors receive is important to note, because this will have an effect on the amount of damage that is inflicted. We encourage you to actively monitor the condition of your fire door.

Questions to ask yourself
Fire Door Checklist

It goes without saying that you should be carrying out regular inspects on your fire door, but here are a couple of important points that you should be considering:

Does my fire door close correctly?

Its important that your fire door closes correctly to block flames and smoke from seeping out.

Are the doors marked correctly?

It’s important to mark all of your fire doors with the proper signage.

Do you have a certificate from a trusted inspection service?

TEK Interiors Ltd can provide you with a certification once your fire door passes the inspection.

Is the door warped or damaged in any way?

A warped or damaged door is the sign of a weak fire door and it will likely need to be replaced.

Are there any missing screws on the door hinges?

Your fire door is unfit for use if it's misssing screws in the hinges.

Parts of your door that will be examined

Use these checks to perform a preliminary examination by yourself. If you aren't able to answer all of the questions, then contact us immediately to schedule an inspection.

  • Door leaf
  • Door frame
  • Door closer (self-closing devices)
  • Hinges
  • Intumescent door strip and cold smoke seals
  • Glazing (vision panels)
  • Locks and levers / handles
  • Fire safety signage
  • Hold open devies
  • Gaps around the doors and threshold gaps
  • Panic hardware devices for external final fire exit doors

After the inspection

After the inspection has been completed, a detailed report is written that will outline the condition of each door and which parts need to be replaced. This information will be put into the database and will be used as a basis for future inspections.

Why is it important to carry out fire door inspections?

A fire protection system is only as good as the equipment you use. This is why it’s important to carry out maintenance checks on every possible point of failure, and your fire door is no exception. It’s a life-saving product that needs to be taken care of and it has to be checked thoroughly to ensure it functions correctly.

Slight changes to the area around the fire door can have drastic effects on its usability and usefulness when there’s actually a fire, so periodic checks are a must if you want to keep it from serving its function.

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