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Routinely inspected

When you have fire doors, it is imperative that they should be routinely inspected and maintained to guarantee their efficiency should a fire break out in your building.

It is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) order, which states that all fire doors must have a schedule of maintenance in place and that they are kept efficiently and can be easily repaired.

Vital to implement routine maintenance

If landlords or building managers do not ensure that these regulations are followed, it can result in prosecution and large fines. It is vital to implement routine maintenance of these fire doors, because an efficient fire door can save the lives of those who use the building.

After each maintenance and repair, we will make detailed notes and make a record of work that has been done. The continual update gives you proof that you have taken the correct precautions for ensuring your fire doors comply with the regulations.

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Useful info to know

The purpose of your fire door is to save lives and combat disasters. If its not suitable for this, then its just an obstruction that serves little purpose.

Regular maintenance checks ensure the door is functioning

Fire doors are not installed in the same way that a traditional door is installed, so maintaining it on your own is difficult and youre required to have the right training and knowledge to know what to look for.

Risks should not be taken when it comes to your own safety. Well make sure that all of the components in your fire door from the frames to the hinges are inspected thoroughly for faults. Once the door has been checked, well carry out repairs with certified parts and components that match the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) order.

How often should I carry out a fire door maintenance?

Its recommended to have maintenance carried out at least every six months, and more if you have experienced a fire recently or if the fire door sees a lot of foot traffic. Busy offices and public spaces will need to have their fire doors maintained on a more regular basis to ensure they are functioning correctly due to their heavy usage.

Contact us now to schedule an appointment so we can inspect and maintain your fire door for safety and peace of mind. If youre unsure if your fire door currently needs maintenance, then wed be happy to offer some advice.

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