Fire Door Inspection Companies

Fire doors typically have a solid core made of varying materials and are typically thicker than standard doors. Fire doors are constructed differently depending on the manufacturer. However, its certification and testing to withstand fire for at least 30 minutes is crucial. At an approved fire door testing centre, manufacturers are required to test the design of their fire doors and frames together. After that, they need to be looked at for certification. A label will be attached to each fire door set produced by that manufacturer in accordance with the same design specifications once certification is granted. The manufacturer, manufacturing date, and fire rating are all listed on the label. Most of the time, you’ll find this label on the door’s top edge.

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    fire door inspection companies

    What are Fire Doors and how are they made?

    All non-domestic properties, including businesses, commercial premises, and public buildings, are required by law to have fire doors. They are also required in houses with multiple occupants and residential apartments. Building owners in England and Wales are required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to appoint a “Responsible Person” to oversee their fire safety measures. They are required by law to cut down on the possibility of fire spreading inside the building. In many buildings, fire doors play a crucial role in reducing this risk. A fire risk assessment should be carried out on these kinds of buildings. An in-depth examination of the building is what fire risk assessments are. They will highlight any potential fire hazards and offer suggestions for reducing or eliminating these hazards, such as the location and rating of fire doors.

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    Can anyone check a Fire Door?

    Regular checks for Fire Doors are crucial to make sure they are working properly but who is qualified to check fire doors? Can anyone check a Fire Door? Well, installing and inspecting fire doors must be done by a skilled individual. You should check to see that the person working with your fire doors has received the appropriate training. A fire door, regardless of its rating, may not withstand a fire for more than five minutes if it is poorly installed. The installation of fire doors is governed by building regulations, which specify legal requirements and specifications. For instance, the distance between the fire door and the frame ought to be between 2 and 4 mm. It may be challenging to meet these requirements unless the installation is performed by a skilled joiner.
    The rules for installing fire doors can be hard to understand. It is not stated in the Code of Practice for Fire Door Assemblies that a specific certification is required to install a fire door. However, the Fire Safety Order stipulates that a qualified individual should install them. That person possesses sufficient expertise, qualifications, and training.
    A homeowner or responsible person will have peace of mind knowing that the fitting was done correctly and that the fire door will work as intended in the event of a fire if they hire a professional fire door installer.

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    What should be checked when installing or inspecting Fire Doors – Fire Door Inspection Checklist

    • Entryway leaves – these are in some cases contorted by being held open at the top or base
    • Intumescent strips – would they say they are in-situ and have they been introduced accurately?
    • Hardware voids – caused by hardware changes or inadequate void quality
    • Gaps that are incorrect are brought on by doors being rehung with gaps that are incorrect.
    • Leaves that do not properly close into the frames can be prevented by adding smoke seals.
    • Leaves Binding: If the leaves on a double door are bound, they won’t close properly.
    • Leading edges: Check for damage to the leaf’s leading edges
    • Glazing: Verify that the glazing is free of damage and that the specifications are correct.

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    fire door inspection companies

    How to find the right Fire Door Inspection company for you?

    Here at Tek Fire Door Services, we have a lot of passion for making fire doors that work right and teaching as many people as possible about how important it is to be safe in a fire. Your fire doors will last a lifetime thanks to our rigorous procedure.
    Our in-house fire door inspector conducts high-quality post-installation quality checks, safe and dependable installation, and manufacturing services.
    Working with us, you will have all the aspects of you Fire Door services covered. We will start with an initial site check and after that the installation of the Fire Doors. But our services do not end there, we will provide you with the maintenance of the fire doors as well as regular inspections which are extremely crucial for the fire doors to work efficiently.We carry out comprehensive fire door inspections, which enable us to carefully examine your doors to determine whether any modifications or enhancements are required.

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