Fire door inspection

Are you wondering “I have installed a Fire Safety Door & it has never been used, then why do I need to get it inspected?” Well, a fire door is more than just the leaf; it’s an entire assembly. It includes the door’s frame, any glazing, intumescent fire and smoke seals, and all door hardware, including letter plates, spy holes, hinges, door closers, latches, and locks.

If you are not really aware of what fire doors are and why do they need to be installed, inspected and maintained. Here’s a little crash course for you:

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    Let’s talk FIRE DOORS

    A crucial component of your fire safety plan are fire doors. When used correctly, they prevent fires from spreading throughout a building, allowing people to flee and the Brigade time to arrive and possibly save your property. A fire door should be able to stop a fire for at least 30 minutes if it is made correctly by a BWF-certified manufacturer using compatible parts and is certified by an accredited third party.
    While fire detection and sprinklers are also important considerations, installing the appropriate fire doors is an important responsibility.
    A door’s hinges, seals, handles, glazing, and other parts are just as important as the door itself. This is due to the fact that doors can warp, move, and allow smoke and fire to enter through the opening during a fire. Additionally, the seals and gaps between the door frame and the wall are crucial. As quickly, they also stop fire and smoke from spreading.

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    Why can we not do without fire doors?

    • They are made to withstand fire for up to 30 minutes specifically.
    • They are required by law in apartments that open onto shared communal areas with other tenants. This is done to safeguard crucial escape routes in the event of a fire.
    • In the event of a fire, they are designed to automatically close behind you, preventing the spread of the flames and toxic smoke into the block’s escape routes, corridors, and other apartments.

    And, if you are somebody who is in charge of the building’s fire safety, you need to make sure that these life-saving devices are installed, checked, and maintained so they work as intended.

    The surveyors will check whether each door:

    • Has the appropriate fire rating for its location
    • Is properly fitted, without the kind of gaps that can damage the building’s compartmentation
    • Is not damaged in a way that would hinder its performance in the event of a fire
    • Has the appropriate hardware and closers, and that they work properly
    • Has the appropriate intumescent strips
    • Is properly identified on both the door signage and in the building’s asset register
    • Whenever appropriate, has the correct type of glazing, and that it is fitted

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    Fire Door Inspections in the UK

    Under the Fire Safety Act of 2021, all fire doors in multi-occupancy buildings must be inspected. All buildings usually have one of these at the front door.
    A fire risk assessment must be conducted by the Responsible Person (RP) of any non-domestic premises in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005.
    These are some:

    • measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire
    • must identify individuals at risk
    • when there are five or more employees, and all significant findings and any necessary actions must be recorded in a fire safety risk assessment.

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    Fire Doors Installations, Inspections and Maintenance, how does it work?

    The performance of fire doors in the event of a fire can be affected by the slight changes that are caused by daily use, which can have an impact on the door and its surroundings.As previously mentioned, regular inspections by a qualified individual will guarantee the identification of any fire door issues that require maintenance.
    Have you previously had a fire risk assessment done that found your doors weren’t up to the task? And that remedial work was required? Have you now been required to obtain a second estimate to maintain and repair these doors?
    An assessor and a fire door contractor suddenly present you with two points of contact. You may need information from both of these contacts because they may not know each other. The survey and pricing for the remedial work would have been done by the fire risk assessor. This is a problem.
    If you choose to work with us, we will be there with you every step of the way – From doing a site check, to installing the fire rated door, to upkeeping with the maintenance.
    Our responsibility is to safeguard our customers by demonstrating to them that their fire doors will perform as expected in the event of an emergency.

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