Fire Door Inspection in London

Are your fire doors being inspected regularly? if not, your employees’ and the company’s safety may be compromised. In addition, violators of the law regarding fire door inspections risk severe penalties and even imprisonment.
The most recent convictions, some of which have been very severe, should be a wake-up call to other property owners. In more ways than one, breaking fire safety regulations can have devastating effects.
The first line of defense between a fire and a person is thought to be a fire door. Because of this very fact, a fire door is an important safety feature that helps keep fire and smoke from spreading to other parts of a building. Consequently, it safeguards life and property.

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    To sum it up, a few benefits of fire doors are:

    • Protects the means of escape, ensuring a safe evacuation
    • provides safe refuge areas where vulnerable people can wait for help
    • separates the building and prevents extensive damage.

    How frequently should a fire door inspection be performed?

    A regular inspection of the fire doors should be carried out to ensure their structural integrity and functionality in the event of a fire. This will allow the fire doors to effectively respond to the situation. In addition to the monthly inspection checks outlined by government guidance, the British Standards recommend a six-month fire door inspection.

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    Summary of fire door inspection checklist

    • Verify the door’s certification and condition.
    • There should typically be three fire-rated hinges on the fire door.
    • Verify that none of the screws are missing and have been installed correctly.
    • Do all fire doors have intumescent pads behind the hinges and latches and, if necessary, intumescent strips and cold seals on the top and side edges?
    • Verify that the gaps conform to best practice guidelines, which stipulate that a timber fire door should have a gap of 2 to 4 millimetres. The gap can be measured with a straightforward gap gauge. A gap of 8 millimetres is typically permissible beneath the fire door; however, if the gap is larger, a threshold seal must be installed for fire doors that are required to prevent the spread of cold smoke.
    • Is there a mechanism for the door to shut itself? All fire doors must have these, and they must fully close when they are open to any degree.
    • Are all of the appropriate signs up so that the people inside know it’s a fire door?
    • Verify that the appropriate glazing has been utilized and that the door furniture and frame are in good condition overall.

    Are fire door inspections in London costly?

    Fire door instalment is the main expense that you will have to incur, after that inspection cost is something you only need to take care only twice or thrice a year. But in order for you to make sure that your fire door is working and people residing that building or house are safe, these regular inspections are worth the investment. The cost varies from company to company, so make sure you are choosing the right one!

    How do you know that the Fire Door Inspection Company you are hiring is right for you?

    First and foremost, make sure the company has all the required certifications and all the surveyors working there are also qualified and certified. This will instil trust in you that your safety is in the right hands. After that, check if they are ready to work within your timeline or not. Fire door installation is something that should be installed promptly and even the inspections are needed to be handled immediately. Along with that, you should want a company that can installed, inspect and maintain the fire door for you otherwise hiring different contractors for each job can be a huge hassle and can also lead up to a lot of mismanagement and in-turn resulting in defects or problems in the fire door.

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    fire door surveyor london
    fire door surveyor london

    Why choose us?

    We will check the fire doors and their frames as professional fire door inspectors to make sure they are maintained and meet the correct specifications. We will examine the fire door’s components as well as its condition during our inspection.

    We help every one of our customers to ensure that all of their current fire door installations comply. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to make sure that your fire doors are in compliance with the current laws.

    We have extensive industry knowledge and expertise. To ensure that we are employing the most effective methods for inspection, we keep abreast of new developments.

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