Fire door surveyor Essex

The first is when the property is first built or renovated. This is when, for example, building regulations come into play to decide where things should be and how they should look. Any principal contractor, project manager, architect, or other professional in the construction industry should specialize in this area.
The second step is to make sure that any fire doors are always checked and working. It is one thing to have them work from day one; it is quite another to ensure that they will continue to perform their duties in the future.

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    fire door surveyor essex

    What are the responsibilities associated with a Fire Door?

    The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005 stipulates that the primary responsibility for evaluating these doors as part of a Fire Risk Assessment and carrying out the necessary inspection and maintenance falls under the umbrella of property management for this second component.
    They need to be carefully inspected because they have to withstand a lot of heat and smoke. This is probably being done by an experienced and qualified contractor or professional rather than the Fire Risk Assessor, whose primary responsibility is to oversee many other fire safety issues.
    For a formal inspection and check, the usual frequency is every six months, with any ad hoc, brief ones in between. Naturally, this is contingent on the property’s nature and users.

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    Did you know about these common fire door failures, that often are overlooked but shouldn’t?

    • Doors that aren’t fitted right or damaged
    • Doors that don’t open or close properly
    • Door closes that don’t shut properly
    • Furniture and hinges that aren’t right or are damaged
    • Glazing that doesn’t meet the specifications

    And because of all these reasons, fire door inspection becomes mandatory on a regular basis.

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    fire door surveyor essex

    Avoid these failures by taking a look at this Fire Door Inspection checklist:


    Look for a label, plug, or other marking of a similar nature on the fire door to verify that it is certified. The door leaf’s certification must be compatible with all ironmongery, including locks, latches, closers, and hinges.


    If the door has apertures in the form of windows or air transfer grilles, check to see that they are compatible with the leaf and have been installed with intumescent glazing systems or intumescent air transfer grilles to prevent fire.
    As a result, the fire rating of some doors may be compromised because they are only tested as solid doors and not with any installed vision panels or grilles.

    Gaps & seals

    Verify that the gap around the door frame is always 3-4 mm and that the CE-marked hinges are securely fastened with no missing screws. Make certain that intumescent strips are attached to the door’s sides and top.
    The door’s bottom gap should not be wider than 8 mm. The gap should not be larger than 3 millimetres if it is a smoke and fire door. A drop-down seal can be used to close the gap and protect the smoke seal if it is larger than this.


    The door closer ought to be fully operational and ought to effortlessly close onto the latch from any position. To completely close the door past the smoke seals sometimes requires more force, but this is necessary for fire safety and smoke containment.

    Operation In general

    All four sides of the door should close smoothly and correctly.

    Will I need to install internal fire doors if I'm doing a significant extension or renovation to my house?

    New construction property: Your architect will tell you if fire doors are needed if you’re doing a pretty big renovation or extension. The Building Control Officer of your local council will need confirmation that this technical standard has been met in order for your building regulation application to be approved. In most cases, your architect will handle this for you.

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    fire door surveyor essex

    What are FD30 Fire Doors?

    An FD30 door must meet certain requirements in addition to providing 30 minutes of fire resistance. The FD30 door must also be available as a pre-hung assembly and it must have certified glazing (insulating/non-insulating). Additionally, there must be intumescent strips in either the door or the frame. They must also be 44m certified core and meet BSI standards.
    For domestic properties, fire doors are required in the following key areas, according to building regulations:
    A two-story house with a door that leads into the house from an integral garage Newly constructed or renovated domestic properties with three or more storeys, including loft conversions, must have fire doors to each habitable room off the stairwell.

    Now that you know how important Fire Doors are and what difference its installment and inspection can make, don’t wait to hire people who an help you do that!

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