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A fire door inspection is a look at the fire doors in the building to see if they are functional and in compliance with fire safety standards. A building’s passive fire protection system is crucial in reducing the rate at which smoke and fire spread throughout the structure in the event of a fire.

Fire doors are an essential component of a building’s fire protection because they keep the structure separate. Any commercial building must be properly maintained and inspected on a regular basis to reduce the risk of loss of life and property. All of the door set’s components will be examined during the inspection, which can significantly diminish the system’s effectiveness and its ability to prevent fire spread if they are not maintained.

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    A fire door inspection survey will determine whether your building’s fire doors comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which mandates that fire resistant doors be installed correctly and maintained appropriately to remain functional. It says that the person in charge of non-domestic buildings has to make sure that fire doors and frames are installed correctly to stop fires from spreading. The BWF-CERTFIRE Best Practice Guide recommends that building owners or other responsible individuals inspect their fire doors once every six months.

    This includes checking the vision panels, the glazing, the cold smoke seals, the intumescent seals, the fire resistance of the door set (its thickness and the gaps between the leaf and the door frame), the condition, fit, and operation of the hinges and hardware, and looking for relevant markings, such as those from the British Woodworking Federation, to determine the door set’s fire rating.

    So,are you an aspiring fire door inspector? Or you are planning to expand your business in the fire door inspection department? Here’s all that your need to know to get your fire door inspection journey started:

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    Who can inspect fire doors?

    Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005 stipulates that your fire doors should be inspected by a qualified individual. Fire door inspectors ought to be authorized and qualified to competently evaluate your doorsets.

    Each fire doorset should undergo a thorough visual inspection that includes looking at:
    • the hinges
    • all door hardware
    • the hardware’s condition, fit, and operation
    • Signage
    • operation of any hold-open devices
    • the door closer
    • the appropriate markings to determine the doorset’s fire rating
    • the locks and latches making sure that the doors are functional
    • the vision panels, the glazing, and a look at how well they work
    • The cold smoke and intumescent fill
    • the spaces between the leaf and the frame
    • the door leaf
    • the door frame
    • the materials used to install the doorset, and whether or not they are suitable

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    Do I really need Level 3 Award in Fire Door Inspection?

    The Awarding Body for the Built Environment (ABBE) bestows the Level 3 Award in Fire Door Inspection. The rules and practical aspects of fire door inspection are covered in the one-day classroom course. Additionally, you will be assigned an assessor to review your practical work and assessments over the next year.

    It enables you to respond to the need for robust inspection across all property types that necessitates professionals who are trained, qualified, and competent by allowing you to demonstrate your occupational competence in performing fire door inspections.

    Upon successfully completion, you’ll have:

    • a clear understanding of the inspection procedure and pass/fail criteria
    • a comprehensive understanding of the advice to give the building owner/client in case of inspection failure
    • a thorough understanding of the standards that apply to fire doors
    • knowledge of the various types of fire doors
    • appreciation of the significance of crucial components like door closers and hinges
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    How do these certifications help? Peace of mind – for your clients

    Having their doors inspected by professionals who are trained, certified, and assessed by a third party not only gives your clients peace of mind, but it also shows the people who live in the building that the fire safety matter has been taken care of seriously (as it should). Every occupier has the right to believe that, in the event of a fire, they will be safe and that the building’s fire doors will work as intended, whether they are in hotels, office buildings, nursing homes, schools, student housing, or housing provided by the local authority and you will be the one giving them that assurance.

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