Fire Door Contractors Essex - Fire Rated Doors; Installation, Mainteance and Inspections


When you have fire doors, it is imperative that they should be routinely checked by expert fire door inspections and have fire door maintainence to guarantee their efficiency should a fire break out in your building.

Fire Door Regualtions UK

It is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) order, which states that all fire doors must have a schedule of maintenance in place and that they are kept efficiently and can be easily repaired. At TEK Interiors we take fire door regulations extremely seriously and ensure that everything we do meets the UK requirements.

Fire Door Installation Essex

If landlords or building managers do not ensure that these regulations are followed, it can result in prosecution and large fines.

It is vital to implement routine maintenance of these fire doors, because an efficient fire door can save the lives of those who use the building.

After each maintenance and repair, we will make detailed notes and make a record of work that has been done.

The continual update gives you proof that you have taken the correct precautions for ensuring your fire doors comply with the regulations. Furthermore, this gives you peace of mind that your fire doors’ fire resistance is at its most efficient.

Incorrect Fire Door Installation Is Dangerous

A fire door is made to save lives, which is why it’s so important to ensure they are correctly installed. A fire door that isn’t secure will not save lives and could put someone’s life in danger.

Your fire door needs to be installed with certified components and hardware because it needs to withstand intense heat and also be able to keep smoke out.

If there are gaps left in the installation, then smoke can easily travel through the gaps and it will defeat the purpose of a sturdy fire door.

Fire Door Installation Services That You Can Trust

TEK Interiors Ltd has the experience and staff that can provide you with a reliable, safe and quick fire door installation service.

Simply give us a call for a free quote or expert advice that you can trust. We’ll carry out the site survey required to install your fire door, and we’ll also carry out inspections and maintenance when required.

You will also receive official documentation for us to verify that your fire door has been thoroughly inspected and tested for faults. This will give you peace of mind in regards to your safety. We offer the full service package when it comes to fire door installation, so get in touch now for more information and advice for your fire safety needs.